Li confirmed "sound legal systems and enforcement m??echanisms for safeguarding national security" would b??e established in the Hong Kong and Macao special admi??nistrative regions and stressed that the "One Country??, Two Systems" policy would be "fully and faithfully"?? implemented. A draft decision on establishing and i??mproving the legal system and enforcement mechanisms ??for HKSAR has been submitted to China's national legi??slature for deliberation. The premier added that the?? government will "resolutely oppose and deter any sep??aratist activities seeking 'Taiwan independence'," an??d pledged to continue to take measures to encourage c??ross-Straits exchanges and cooperation. He said com??patriots in Taiwan would be encouraged to "join us in?? opposing 'Taiwan independence' and promoting China's?? reunification." Business and job support Li empha??sized the government would do its utmost to support e??nterprises, stressing that micro, small and medium bu??sinesses were in particular need of support in the co??ntext of the pandemic. The premier announced that ex??emptions introduced earlier this year to hed


?n the financial sector for the sake o6


f arbitrage." T??rillions in bonds Li announced a consumer price inde??x target of 3.5 percent for 2020 and a deficit target?? of 3.6 percent o5


f GDP, up from 2.8 percent last year??, suggesting room to maneuver in the pursuit of stren??gthened economic growth. He said the deficit wouldz


i??ncrease by one trillion yuan on 2019 and a further on??e trillion yuan in government bonds would be issued t??o fund COVID-19 control measug

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res. The two trillion y??uan will be transferred directly to local governments?? and used to support jobs, businesses and basic livin??g requiD

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priorit??y given to new infrastructure and new urbanization pr??ojects. He added that investment would be focused on?? three areas: New infrastructure, including expanded ??5G application and wider use of new energy vehicles; ??renovation of 39,0X

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/ environment and would continue to work w7 it??h the United States to implement thet first phase of t??he economic and tradex agreement between the two count??ries. 7 The premier added that efforts to complef te the?? Regional Comprehensive Economic4
    Partnership woulr
    d co??ntinue and free tq
    rade negotiations with Japan, South ??KoS rea and other countries would be advancek d. He also?? said the negative list for l foreign investment will b??e "significan0 tly shortened" and some new measures wou??ld be implemented to help ease and raise capacity of ? ?international trade. Hong Kong and national security?? E